A review of evolution vs god a movie by ray comfort

Hit piece on evolution Summary: God is an attempt to discredit Neo-Darwinian evolution through a series of interviews. Ray Comfort interviews scientists and college students to try to show that their belief in evolution is the result of blind faith. Shaking the Foundations of Faith is an attempt to show that evolution requires more faith than theism.

A review of evolution vs god a movie by ray comfort

A skeptical blog discussing evolution, aviation, religion, and anything else I feel like. The official blog of jefflewis. As stated at the end of Part I of this review, this portion picks up about halfway through the movie, just over 17 minutes into it.

And if you thought that with a title like "Evolution vs. The rest of the movie is almost purely religious, and mostly evangelism at that.

A review of evolution vs god a movie by ray comfort

Famous Atheists Here is one of the areas where Comfort pointed out a legitimate problem in the atheist community, though not a universal one. Comfort asked people to name famous atheists. And of course, Comfort pulled out quotes from these men to counter the idea that they were atheists.

Here are a couple excerpts from that essay. Let there be no doubt that as they are currently practiced, there is no common ground between science and religion.

A review of evolution vs god a movie by ray comfort

And of course, this assumes the more common uses of these words, not the more technically accurate definitions. Good enough for these idiots".

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Hemingway is the only one in that group that would have called himself an atheist, while the others were agnostics, deists, or had beliefs that are a matter of debate. Well, what about one of the most outspoken and infamous atheists on the Internet, PZ Myers?

I saw this poster and thought, "What? So, this poster is an example of isolated stupidity, not some universal problem. Comfort got into a discussion with PZ Myers on rape, and asked if it was "always wrong". He got Myers to say that it was, and then Comfort claimed that there were moral absolutes as if he had won that little debate.

But let me give an absurd thought experiment. And just to make it worse, the poison was of some type that would cause horrible, horrible suffering before finally resulting in death. There may be instances where even something as horrible as rape might be the preferable option.

As a sort of tangential consideration, if morals are supposedly absolute, is rape always wrong when other animals do it.4 Review(s) | Add Your Review Sign up for price alert From Living Waters, creators of the award-winning TV program "The Way of the Master" and the hit movies "" and "Evolution vs.

God," comes the powerful film "The Atheist Delusion.". A Review of the video Evolution vs. God: shaking the foundations of faith, by Matthew R. McClure Evolution vs. God is an anti-evolution video produced by Ray Comfort.

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It was released August 7, and is about 38 minutes in length. Sep 09,  · Hugo & Jake are back to talk about the banana man once again! See the movie here- lausannecongress2018.com Donate- .

Review: Ray Comfort’s – ‘EVOLUTION vs. GOD’ The Evolution V.

Movie Review

God video is only a bit over thirty minutes in length, but it is one of the most power packed blows to the evolutionary model produced in this decade. Having seen the video several times wasn’t enough for this writer, I began combing the tweets, and blogs to see the.

Yesterday Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, and in doing so he addressed the America people. He did so not as a politician (though he is a head of state), but as a pastor. As a pastor he speaks with a different voice, . out of 5 stars Macro evolution is faith based; micro evolution is the only thing Darwin got right!

By Thai4U n BBQ2 on September 3, This is a must see for anyone about to go into a College or University.

Creation Science Review, The Film Evolution Vs. God