Business valuation course outline

Creating value is the central task for any executive.

Business valuation course outline

Therefore, it is in your best interest to attend all lectures and tutorials for the class. You shouldn't plan on cramming weeks of topics the night before a test or the night before the final exam. It is simply not possible and will most likely backfire.

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Consultation times are on Wednesday between 12pm and 1pm in the office of the lecturer in charge Assessment Detail The assessment components are as follows: The test will be closed book but you can bring in a two-sided A4 cheat sheet with your own notes, formulas, etc.

You will NOT be allowed to bring in a cheat sheet to the final exam. A formula sheet will be supplied by the lecturer in charge. All Submission Please submit your completed group project in the appropriate Business Valuation II drop-box on the ground level of the Nexus 10 building by the specified deadline for full credit.

All team members are expected to contribute approximately equally to a group assignment. The contact details are provided on page 6 of the Communication Skills Guide.

Business valuation course outline

Late Assignment Submission Students are expected to submit their work by the due date to maintain a fair and equitable system. Extensions will generally only be given for medical or other serious reasons. All requests for extensions must be emailed to the lecturer in charge of the course before the due date.

Each request will be assessed on its merits. A late assignment without prior arrangement will be penalised by a 1. Students are responsible for collecting their marked assignments from either their tutorials or lectures.

The remaining assignments will only be posted out to the students, if the correct mailing addresses are on the assignments. Course Grading Grades for your performance in this course will be awarded in accordance with the following scheme: M10 Coursework Mark qualified business analysis professionals and are supported by current business analysis published Content Outline ®are also covered by the PMBOK Guide, Task 2 Collect and analyze information from a variety of sources using valuation tools and techniques to contribute to determining the value proposition of the.

Course Outlines For short course descriptions from the Calendar, click here. Diploma Program in Urban Land Economics / Appraisal Institute of Canada Education Program / Bachelor of Business in Real Estate Degree.

Use this search only if you have an exact code for a Program, Stream, or Course, e.g. , ACCTA, ACCT or ACCT*. Business Analysis and Valuation - ACCT Faculty: UNSW Business School. Aswath Damodaran!

Business valuation course outline

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