College athletes and their allowance

Athletes found different uses for the new income. Several said they used the money for additional groceries, school supplies, gasoline and other expenses that previously came out of their own pockets.

College athletes and their allowance

More Essay Examples on University Rubric On the other side, certain perks also come along with participating in sports, such as financial support, housing, free tutoring, and free transportation to and from sporting events. The same college athletes that have to deal with that on a daily bases also have to be able to live a personal life outside of all that.

For instance, clothes, food, supplies, personal travel, haircuts, tolls, or cell phone bill to name a few are all things needed out of college, of course some more than others.

Money out of pocket for personal use supplies college athletes with another problem. With their days already barely having enough hours in it when are they supposed to add in the stresses and pressures of a job? Instead of hearing a college player breaking some sort of record or making a game winning shot, the most common news is the trouble and scandals that college athletes are a part of.

Out of most of those horrible news stories they all have to deal with a college athlete and money. The professional running back of the Miami Dolphins is a leading example of a student athlete who was penalized for looking out for his self while participation in college football.

He accepted money along with other personal items to help get him through school and have his family taken care of at the same time.

NCAA legislative council approves expanded meal allowance

After winning the highest achievement in college sport for football the Heisman Reggie Bush got his trophy confiscated many years later even though he was in the NFL.

This happens more often than none not just in football but other sports like baseball of basketball, which are unarguably the most popular sports in colleges today.

The need for money and the situation the athletes are put in financially is what allows reoccurring troubles with college athletes. On occasions not only the athletes are punished in some case, whole sport programs can get fined or even banned from participating.

NCAA A rising problem that has been evolving in the programs of college sports is athletes typically from more popular schools sell their jerseys or equipment as memorabilia so earn a couple few bucks here and there.

Travis Waldron from thinkprocess. And the gap between the amount spent on each athlete and the amount spent on each student has grown substantially in the last five years.

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If there was a certain system that would manage the hours an athlete is playing and the objects done then paying them would become even easier. If students knew they were getting a paycheck based on how hard they were working, I guarantee that they would get into less money-related trouble.

College athletes and their allowance

Many companies outside of sports us that type of work in order to determine how much to pay a worker, few examples are car dealers or door to door salesmen. The more product and merchandise sold then the more money received. Not only would paying the players by their performances take away the unfair portion between players, but stats and effort would sky rocket in part to players trying to earn their money.

Before even thinking of doing any of this one large argument is presented, which is; in order to pay college where would the money come from? To look at it in a simplar way, if a billion dollars were taken off the top of that and divided up amoungest all the athletes in the NCAA both male and female it would be enough to pay the athletes.

However, not one of them receives anything near that amount. So basically the total value of one player on the team is enough to pay for the rest of the teams scholarships.10 ways college athletes can get paid and remain eligible for their sport From modeling to competing in other sports, athletes have options to bring in money while in school.

Jan 01,  · N.C.A.A. rules make no allowance for poverty, yet surely college athletes should be able to go on a date, rent an off-campus apartment, lease a car, have some clothes, visit home and pay for their. College athletes say they need pay to cover basic costs of living. The athletes roll their eyes in dismay at the misperception.

is there a student opportunity fund that some people are allowed to reach into and they are allowed to have a clothes allowance,” Conley said. “It is for all student-athletes.”.

A variable number of grants to assist Division I student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility for institutional financial aid. Student-athletes selected for the award receive an amount equivalent to tuition and fees and also a book allowance based on the number of hours they are taking.

Oct 20,  · Should athletes be paid to play? College athletes from several schools threatened to unionize and demanded they be paid royalties when video games were released containing their . For college athletes, there's good news and bad news.

A September court decision by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld the status quo of "amateurism," a principle.

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