Current government priorities essay

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Current government priorities essay

Current government priorities essay

In this study I will be investigating the extent to which the governments budget statement reflects their spending on current priorities, such as the NHS, Defence and Education. To do this I will be researching changes in spending using the current budget statement and also other secondary data resources to find out the total percentage of the governments budget is spent on specific areas, such as housing, defence, public transport etc.

I aim to find out how much spending in these areas has increased in recent years, or indeed whether spending has decreased over recent years. The environment, or more precisely protecting it is a key concern for today's government, and an issue Current government priorities essay they appear to be trying to combat.

In the budget the government announced an million pound window for the environment transformation fund, this is to finance overseas development programmes that deliver both poverty reduction and environment benefits in developing counties.

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The government is also increasing the funds available through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme, to a total of over 18million pounds. This is to help meet the demands for households for microgeneration technologies. This extra funding combined with other funding towards housing and the environment has increased the total spending from i??

This research would indicate that the current government spending in environment does reflect the fact that it is one of their priorities. The government have clearly made substantial progress in dedicating more of the budget towards environment, even within the last three years.

If you compare the efforts made towards improving the environment in the budget with the ones made in the it becomes clear just how much the government have started to invest in overseas projects etc.

However although they have significantly increased the spending in recent years, spending in areas such as social protection and health have been increased by significantly more than spending on the Environment, this may indicate that the government do not prioritise the Environment perhaps as much as some people argue they should.

Employment, Training and Education. The government claims to be making changes in order to improve employment e. Some of their aims regarding employment are: There are many more aims, most revolving around training schemes especially for people who' s second or other language is Englishor helping to get people who have been out of work for a long time back into work.

Education; With the UK economy becoming ever more revolving around qualifications, the need to have a well-trained and educated workforce becomes vital.

This without a doubt makes it one of the government's main priorities, the latest example of this being Labours intention to raise the minimum school leaving age to 18, by offering apprenticeships, college courses, or work based training to every child. This would clearly require a increase in the budget allocated for education, which the government has provided.

Although the government clearly has specific aims, and targets in relation to improving employment and training opportunities, it has not significantly increased its spending on this area in several years, and the spending has remained exactly the same this year as it was last.

This would suggest that current government spending does not reflect its priorities, at least in employment anyway. However this may not necessarily be the case, because although it is the governments priority to improve employment opportunities for all, you do not necessarily have to increase spending to do so, for example it may simply be a case of making sure the current budget for employment is being spent efficiently.

Also because of the nature of many of the current aims of the government relating to employment, are more about establishing links with big companies in order to get people back to work, and reviewing the current education opportunities for adults, they may not take so much funding to establish.

The benefits of sufficiently increasing the funding that is putting into training etc, would be the lowering of unemployment something which the government is constantly trying to reduce. Education would appear to be another one of Labours top priorities, and the substantial increase in spending does indicate this.

In my opinion it would be nearly impossible to argue that the governments spending doesn't reflect the fact that education is a priority, purely because of the sheer investment over recent years. One of the reasons for this increase in investment may be due to the lower output per worker that Britain encounters, and also due to the need for more qualifications in order to survive in the modern world.Throughout the history of emergency management in the United States, priorities set for government emergency management agencies have been driven by the most widely perceived threat or hazard.

In your opinion, is DHS?s current focus on terrorism the right area to be focused on, or should more attention be paid to natural disaster management?

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How far does the budget reflect current government priorities? “Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it.

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