Effect of colour on recall memory of images

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Effect of colour on recall memory of images

For permission, please email: Abstract Human cognition involves many mental processes that are highly interrelated, such as perception, attention, memory, and thinking. An important and core cognitive process is memory, which is commonly associated with the storing and remembering of environmental information.

An interesting issue in memory research is on ways to enhance memory performance, and thus, remembering of information. Can colour result in improved memory abilities? The present paper highlights the relationship between colours, attention, and memory performance.

The significance of colour in different settings is presented first, followed by a description on the nature of human memory.

The role of attention and emotional arousal on memory performance is discussed next.

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The review of several studies on colours and memory are meant to explain some empirical works done in the area and related issues that arise from such studies.

How the human cognitive system deals with the memorization process remains the centre of research among cognitive psychologists. One of the most interesting and challenging questions in contemporary memory research is on ways to enhance human memory performance.

Many variables have been proposed to contribute to the retrieval operations and one of the variables is colour, which will be discussed thoroughly in the present paper.

Colour is believed to be the most important visual experience to human beings 2. It functions as a powerful information channel to the human cognitive system and has been found to play a significant role in enhancing memory performance 3.

Memory - Wikipedia Memory recall appears to be state-dependent, at least to some extent.
The Influence of Colour on Memory Performance: A Review Memory works better in colour, it seems.
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Colour can be very effective in learning and educational setting, marketing, communication, or even sport. This shows the importance of colour in making the information or message more attractive to the public.

In the educational setting, higher demand is put on excellent academic achievement. The extent to which students utilize their cognitive abilities is also important and may contribute to better academic achievement 7. The cognitive abilities of the students refer to the way the students perceive, pay attention, remember, think, and understand the lessons.

There need to be strategies to facilitate the learning process and colours can play a role in motivating students to learn and profit from their educational experiences. In addition, in the clinical setting, specific interventions involving colours can be introduced to deal with memory-related problems such as learning difficulty, autism, dyslexia, and others.

With the use of colour in the intervention, it can help patients to follow and understand the learning program better.

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Clinical intervention for patients with dyslexia using colour have been proven to be effective in reducing patient difficulties in reading 8. The same approach is also used to help autistic patients.The Effects of Color on Memory.

Lynnay Huchendorf. Faculty Sponsor: Melanie Cary, Department of Psychology. ABSTRACT This study examined whether color has an effect on memory. Participants were college Contrary to what was expected, there was no significant difference for percent recall among color categories. Previous research has demonstrated a relationship between memory recall and P amplitude in list learning tasks, but the variables mediating this Precall relationship are not well understood.

ERPs and the von-Restorff effect. all words had the same font color, but one of the background pictures on position 5 to 8 had a high.

Effect of colour on recall memory of images

Facts on Color Affecting Memory. Black and white images are harder to recall than naturally colored images. Many scientific studies have been conducted to test if black and white images are more memorable than color images.

Effect of colour on recall memory of images

It was determined that people responded greater to naturally colored images -- such as a snapshot photo -- than to .

Jan 07,  · Significant differences were found between recall conditions. The memory performance of the participants was found to be better in Colour images were reported to have better memory recognition over black-and-white, but the differences were small.

There appears to be a basis for associating colour and its significant effect on.

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This experiment was designed to investigate the effect of colour on memory recall. 30 subjects were shown 15 slides. Each slide has one coloured images and one black and white images. 1 Memory for pictures: Sometimes a picture is not worth a single word Joyce M.

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