Essay on manhood in glengarry glen ross

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Essay on manhood in glengarry glen ross

If a man is doing good in his career, he is a good man. If he is not doing well, then he is not a man at all. This system of intertwined capitalism and virility is executed by the real estate office, which is owned by Mitch and Murray.

While these characters are never seen in the production, the audience gets a sense of what these men are like by hearing what the salesmen say about the system they imposed on their workers.

The audience learns by word of mouth that Mitch and Murray exploit their salesmen by only giving the workers a ten percent commission from the sales made. Not only this, but the salesmen who are successful get the best leads.

Those who are not successful get the worst leads, dooming them for failure. To make matters worse, this system is treated as some sort of competition.

This causes the winners to keep their jobs and win an extra prize. While the underachievers lose their job, thus stripping them of their livelihood and their masculinity.

You have no idea of your job. There are two men who are doing well in their sales. Through them, we are shown what it takes to survive in the harsh, unforgiving male world Mamet has depicted on stage. Ricky Roma is the top salesman. He is charming and cunning.

Rather than trying to force his customers to submit to his sales tactics, he lures people into thinking that they want what he is selling.

This may sound harmless, but the audience knows that Roma plays an active role and causing his coworkers to fail. He knows how his words affect others, and he uses that to his advantage. By intimidating his coworkers and buyers, he stays efficacious in his endeavors.

Through deviousness and aggression these men climb the business hierarchy, allowing their victims and coworkers to be crushed under the weight of their actions. What about the unsuccessful salesmen?

Essay on manhood in glengarry glen ross

Shelly Levene is a washed-up real estate salesman, who has hit a streak of bad luck in his sales. This puts him in danger of getting fired by the company.

He fears failure so much that he clings to anything that can make him successful. This act of desperation only causes Levene to stagnate in his past accomplishments, insuring that he will not achieve anything in the future.

George Aaronow is extremely meek and mild-mannered. He is dull, and he tends to repeat what others have told him. This makes him a poor businessman, and he is also in danger of getting let go. Furthermore, the cast treats manhood as something to be earned. While hard work is a key factor in masculinity, it is seen that a man must take control of his own destiny.

This can be seen in John Williamson, who merely takes orders from Mitch and Murry and then passes those orders along to the salesman.Glengarry Glen Ross essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the play Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet.

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In this assignment we got assigned the enjoyable task of watching the movie titled, “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Glengarry Glen Ross portrays a harsh view of American business that not only contradicts, but also befouls the values of the “American Dream”.

This kind of climax is lacking in Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross. The play is presented the way it is with a lot of work left to the audience to make a conclusion. This failure to provide answers is a characteristic integral to postmodern writers (Madan ).

Essay on manhood in glengarry glen ross

The play “Glengarry Glen Ross” by David Mamet, holds many symbols that make the audience believe the salesmen aren’t really the men they say to be. Manhood to them must be earned with hard work; they do not see it as a word that is just given to them. The second scene of the tripartite first act of David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross appears to start just as suddenly as the first scene ends, taking place in the same setting, the action simply cutting from Levene and Williamson across to Moss and Aaronow.

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