Ideas to write about yourself for cfo

LinkedIn gives you 2, characters including spaces to summarize your background and, besides your headline, your summary is the first thing people see. The first is for you if your job search does not have to be kept secret.

Ideas to write about yourself for cfo

As an award winner, cookbook author and James Beard committee member among many other thingsKathleen Purvis has seen a thing or two in the food world and we were so thankful to be able to sit down with her recently.

We talked about food inspiring hard discussions; her latest venture; and her advice for you. Take a look into her world: Of course, we first must ask, why food? I started out as a hard-news journalist. I was a police reporter, national wire editor, general assignment reporter, and when I arrived in Charlotte ina page designer.

However, coming from a family that cooked a lot, I always found myself intrigued by the food section and I wanted to learn more. If you write about anything through the lens of food you can tell some really good stories. I started writing those stories, forced my way into the food section and looked at it with a wider lens of news and culture as well.

Your recent articlewhich used cornbread as a catalyst to talk about race in the south, won an award. What inspires you to dig deep into these stories past just the food?

People want to emotionally engage with stories. And often, the ones that engage people are also the ones that start arguments and inspire intense feelings about the subject.

Why should you read this blog post.

To get to those takes a lot more analytical thinking and many times you must write about things other people are afraid to write about. On the surface, writing about the difference in cornbread recipes seems funny but people really have intense feelings about their food.

Sharing your food differences and similarities with someone can lead you to become comfortable talking about more profound issues. What is the latest venture you are working on and what have you learned from it?

But the other groups do. However, they go out for completely different reasons. The Millennials want to tell a story on their social media feed to all their followers. The Baby Boomers want an excuse for an experience, to see their friends, to experience something new and fun.

With the rise of social media and digital, what are some of the main changes you have seen?

ideas to write about yourself for cfo

Food sections used to be almost all recipes — that was the backbone. However, not long after I started, people were still interested in recipes, but they wanted to know how to do the more intricate parts of the recipes, not just the ingredients and the amounts.

There was a heyday of learning to cook with whole, local ingredients, using specific techniques.

ideas to write about yourself for cfo

No one goes to the newspapers for recipes anymore. They look to Google, Pinterest and all the other websites. It amazes me that there are still two main players that have strong recipe sections — The New York Times and the Washington post.

We had to follow the audience and change what we wrote about. I became very aware of my audience.


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