Introduction to lifetime physical fitness and wellness

Fitness, as we know it today, seems to be a relatively modern invention — something that started vaguely in the 70s with jogging and Jazzercise. Centuries and millennia ago, they did not have all the machines and weights and gyms that we have today, and yet they were in better shape than we are.

Introduction to lifetime physical fitness and wellness

Fifth graders, for example, might prepare to play softball by working in pairs to field ground balls, so they can give each other feedback on their fielding technique. Then they can play a modified softball game, in which all the fielders have to relay the ball before it can be thrown home.

For a new spin on running laps, students can be assigned to see how many playing cards they can collect from a teacher while running for ten minutes. While they are cooling down, students can do a math problem using the numbers on the cards they collected, Rosengard explains.

Introduction to lifetime physical fitness and wellness

Some students and staff also have access to indoor exercise equipment, such as treadmills and stationary bicycles. The focus is on a healthy norm; what is good for their age, height, and weight.

Lawler, at least, thinks the efforts in the gym are paying off in the classroom as well. Madison began its shift to a fitness-based phys-ed program about ten years ago, when staff began reading articles about the increase in the number of obese children. Administrators applied for grants to help cover renovation costs and converted a standard multi-purpose gymnasium to a fitness center with between 60 and 70 machines, including equipment for disabled students.

Those students who take phys-ed twice in a six-day class cycle usually spend one day in the fitness center, Carey explains. At the middle schools without a fitness center, phys-ed teachers introduce students to lifetime activities, such as racquetball, badminton, and volleyball.

Equipment including treadmills and stationary bikes, much of it donated by local fitness centers and sports rehabilitation facilities, also was added to the weight room at the high school. Students at both the high school and the middle school play some sports in gym classes, but high school students learn to play tennis, golf, and croquet as well.

And included in the plans for a high school renovation project is construction of a 5,square-foot wellness center.

Recently, a group of phys-ed teachers, parents, and administrators from Davis County Schools in Owensboro, Kentucky, visited Madison Junior High School to see the fitness center and review the phys-ed curriculum. Charles Green, director of middle and secondary schools for Davis County Schools, says that though the system currently has a traditional phys-ed program, staff members think it is time for a change.

School officials are talking with administrators at the local hospital, Owensboro Mercy Health Systems, to determine whether the hospital will help fund the change to a fitness program, he adds. Federal funds now are available as well to pump up phys-ed programs.

This month, the U. Department of Education released the guidelines for school systems applying for funds through the Physical Education for Progress Grant Program.Bachelor of Science—Physical Education Major Program Requirements.

All majors must satisfy the requirements in the appropriate concentration area – exercise science or teacher preparation – as described below in addition to minor requirements, any applicable electives, and .

Lifetime Fitness History. In , one year before Iranian militants would storm the US Embassy, year-old Bahram Akradi immigrated to the US, joining his brother in Colorado.

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