Nepal tragedy

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. The earthquake and its aftershocks have turned one of the world's most scenic regions into a panorama of devastation, killing and injuring thousands. Hide Caption 1 of 64 Photos:

Nepal tragedy

Nepal tragedy

Nepal Tragedy Rescue Operations To lessen the pain of the victims The small country of Nepal, situated in the lower range of Everest Mountain, became infatuated due to a severe earth quake of 7. The country already suffering through political instability, has suffered damage to such a great extent that shall take many years to recover from great tragedy.

This nation is facing large scale upheavals and devastations. The capital place of Kathmandu which has been a fascinating site for tourists has now been transformed to fearful city. Nearly eleven districts project the terror of destruction where many villages have got ruined to rubbish.

There prevails a state of extreme silence all around. The dead persons have left this world but the persons still surviving are feeling burdened. They have not only lost their residences but are all facing problems of getting clothing, proper meals and safe drinking water. Every essential material has been damaged and swept clean.

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Close relatives and friends have departed from this world and even the persons still alive are untraceable. The cheerful life of masses has elapsed in the lap of death. Certain people have got buried in the rubbish, whereas, remaining feel worried in search of lost persons.

People in the rest of the world have realized the sufferings of citizens in Nepal. Many relief operations have been launched for their help. The relief material is being provided through many nations. By now, it has reached in surplus that Nepal shall not feel deficiency for next years. But still the supply has not been made available directly at certain zones of shortcomings because it is being stored in safe godowns.Oct 13,  · Snowstorm Kills at Least 8 Climbers in Nepal Image The South Korean mountaineer Kim Chang-ho, center, at an award ceremony for the Piolets d’Or prize in Grenoble, France, in Read more about Nepal tragedy: Toll rises to 51; confusion possibly led to US Bangla crash on Business Standard.

Expressing shock over the US-Bangla Airlines crash in Kathmandu that killed 49, Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli tweeted that his government would 'investigate the incident immediately'. Also, that Devyani Rana's mother, Usharaje Scindia was of Gwalior royal lineage, wasn't considered impressive by the Nepal royal family.

Prince Dipendra also courted Supriya Shah, who was the granddaughter of Queen Mother Ratna's own sister. Apr 25,  · The disastrous earthquake in Nepal was large, but geophysicists knew it was coming, writes scientist Colin Stark. Picking Up the Pieces SPH dean on the aftermath of mass trauma in light of Nepal tragedy On April 25, , a magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing thousands.

A year of tragedy. It has been a year since devastating earthquake has hit in Nepal. Last year, today around AM on 12th of Baishakh magnitude earthquake has hit in Nepal and the center point was in Barpak of Gorkha district.

Nepal earthquake: 'A tragedy waiting to happen' - CNN