Red scarf girl essay questions

Korean 74, Imported Total admissions: They are listed in the order of their release. Once Upon a Time in High School: Spirit of Jeet Kune Do Non-Koreans who watch a lot of Korean cinema are likely to have been surprised at one time or another at the depictions of violence in Korean schools.

Red scarf girl essay questions

Sources do not agree on when he went to Morocco, but he was definitely there by when it became a protectorate of France.

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Flandrin was an aviator and a photographer and served in the French military in Morocco. After the war, he returned to Morocco and lived in Casablanca. There he worked as a professional photographer, and documented the identity of Casablanca in the s.

In he reported on the visit to the French President to Morocco. In his photos, along with those of Rudolf Lehnert, were used to illustrate the book Nordafrica. In he took one of his most famous photos; the last photo of a Barbary Lion in the wild. Flandrin was one of the greatest publishers of postcards of his time.

He died in It is hard to date his photos.

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Most sources I have seen do not even try to determine in what year his photos were taken. Another source gave a circa date for the photo Esclaves dans les Bananiers. Slavery was abolished in Morocco inso it is very unlikely that a photo of slaves would have been taken in In the captions for the Flandrin photos in this post, the dates are given as circabut that is only a guess.

Although Flandrin is better known for photos of adults, war photography, and his pioneering work in aerial photography; he made several photos of young girls.

The three interlaced arms in the center of the photo, the different directions the models are facing, and the expressions on the faces combine to give the photo a sense of movement and excitement.

Marcelin Flandrin — Le Seigneur Passe!! It appears to be a simple photo at first glance, but there may be more to this work than is immediately apparent.

Red scarf girl essay questions

I have seen two versions of this photo. The one posted here is the better quality. The other is a mirror image, as if the negative was flipped when it was printed. This demonstrates that it was considered respectable enough to be sent through the mail.

Marcelin Flandrin — Les Trois Graces Africaines circa Nude art was popular in the early 20th century, but artists often felt that they had to employ contrivances to make the nudes respectable. One was the ethnographic contrivance, in which the nudes were shown as necessary to educate the viewer about a foreign culture.


Orientalism, which is the exotic, romantic portrayals of Islamic culture, is a subcategory of that ethnographic contrivance. Another contrivance was to use nudity in the context of classical mythology, and still another was to portray nudity of an innocent prepubescent who could be considered asexual.

Note that Flandrin appears to intentionally avoid using any of these contrivances for Les Trois Graces Africaines. The title of the photo refers to the Three Graces of mythology.

However, there is nothing in this photo that is suggestive of mythology.

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The Three Graces are conventionally portrayed in a line, with the center grace facing the opposite direction from the two on the ends of the line. The title Les Trois Graces Africaines serves to remind the viewer that Flandrin could easily have used this mythological contrivance, but chose not to.Top Successful College Essays.

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