Research paper on presidential election

People rely on media to get information about everything happening throughout the world. The democratic government is founded on the principle of freedom, including the freedom of media. However, the challenge is that journalists are expected to be objective in the coverage of the news and strive to avoid personal bias.

Research paper on presidential election

Political Parties and the Electoral Process Political parties are the vehicles used by individuals contesting for various representative positions in Government in an attempt to assume office.

Essay on the presidential election

The term political party broadly refers to the organization which provides the platform for politicians to ascend to power.

In truth, however, the party encompasses the organization, the party structure and its leadership. In addition to this it also takes into consideration the politicians and the voters who align themselves to the party and remain loyal to its ideals.

Political systems refer to the manner in which political parties package or brand themselves in relation to other parties in order to remain competitive. The means of choosing the candidates to hold office is more often than not an election.

Elections provide the electorate with choice and have increasingly become an important democratic and conflict resolution tool.

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Candidates can either be elected directly by the electorate e. Elections provide a medium for the electorate to effect policy changes and change in governance.


Electoral systems basically put in place the mechanisms that regulate political contests. He opines that in a plurality electoral system the winner by even a simple majority takes office and this tends to create two-party systems.

Proportional representation therefore tends to breed multiparty systems. Electoral processes and their accompanying rules and regulations tend to influence the political systems and in turn the voting psychology.

Presidential election research paper

Take for instance in a plurality system where a simple majority will suffice to grant the winner office. Small parties with no hope of winning tend to form pre-contest coalitions to have a greater appeal and attract a larger constituency of voters.

On the other hand in a proportional representation system where legislative seats are based on party votes share. Parties with ideological similarities and common interests may converge to capture more seats.

Research paper on presidential election

In Conclusion, Political parties are a very important aspect of modern governance and democracy. Parties operate under the law of the land, their own set of rules and by virtue of being electoral vehicles; they also operate under electoral process regulations.

The idea therefore is for parties to come up with strategies to influence voting patterns by taking into account the dynamics of the interrelationships.An Evaluation of Election Polls in the U.S.

Ad Hoc Committee on Election Polling Courtney Kennedy, Pew Research Center Mark Blumenthal, SurveyMonkey. This broadside, published on September 13, , lays out the procedure for selecting the first President of the United States under the newly approved Constitution of the United States. The election of the first President was by appointed electors, not by a general election.

Warren Stewart, who maintains the organization’s database, said he uses the federal Election Assistance Commission’s biennial survey of election practices as a starting point, then cross-checks the EAC data with state and local election offices, news reports and industry information.

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Research Papers words ( pages) Bush Versus Gore Essay - People went to bed one night thinking that Gore had won, but when they woke up they found out that bush had won with Florida’s twenty-five electoral votes.

Research paper on presidential election
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