Sona ni pinoy 2011

The President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session.

Sona ni pinoy 2011

I stood before you during my inauguration and promised: This one gesture has become the symbol of change, not just in our streets, but even in our collective attitude. Over the years, the wang-wang had come to symbolize abuse of authority.

Instead of behaving like public servants, they acted like kings. This privilege was extended to their cronies and patrons, who moved along the streets as if they were aristocracy, indifferent to those who were forced to give way and were left behind.

Sona ni pinoy 2011

Abusing privilege despite promising to serve—this is the wang-wang mindset; this is the mindset of entitlement. They had Sona ni pinoy 2011 right to do this.

The law authorizes only the President, the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances to use sirens in the fulfillment of their official duties—no one else.

Yet the flagrant abuse we bore witness to prompts us to ask: Do you want the corrupt held accountable? Do you want to see the end of wang-wang, both on the streets and in the sense of entitlement that has led to the abuse that we have lived with for so long?

Do you want to give everyone a fair chance to improve their lot in life? We have fought against the wang-wang, and our efforts have yielded results. Just this year, the number of Filipinos who experienced hunger has come down. Self-rated hunger has gone down from As for business, who would have thought that the stock market would reach seven record highs in the past year?

At one time, we thought that for the PSE Index to reach 4, points would be, at best, a fluke. We now routinely exceed this threshold. These improved credit ratings mean lower interest on our debts.

Our innovative fiscal approach has saved taxpayers 23 billion pesos in the first four months of this year. This is enough to cover the 2. Let me remind you: Compare this to the four upgrades we have achieved in the single year we have been in office.

This was no small feat, considering that the upgrades came after ratings agencies have grown considerably more conservative in their assessments, especially in the wake of criticism they received after the recent American financial crisis.

But while they have downgraded the ratings of other countries, they have upgraded ours, so that we are now just one notch below investment grade. Our economic team is hard at work to sustain the momentum. And allow me to share more good news from the Department of Energy: Compare this to the last energy contracting round inwhich saw the participation of only 35 companies.

Just last Friday, a new contract was signed for a power plant to be constructed in the Luzon grid, so that byour country will have a cheaper, more reliable source of energy. There is confidence and there is hope; the government is now fulfilling its promises.

And I cannot help but remember a woman I spoke with during one of my first house-to-house campaigns. I was poor when our leaders campaigned, I am poor now that they are in office, and I will still be poor when they step down. This was the attitude that allowed helicopters to be bought as if they were brand new, but had in fact already been extensively used.

This was the attitude that allowed GOCC officials, like those in the Philippine National Construction Corporation, to pay themselves millions of pesos in bonuses, even as they failed to render decent service and plunged their respective agencies deeper into debt.

Before they stepped down from their positions, the former heads of the PNCC gifted themselves with two hundred and thirty-two million pesos.

Their franchise had lapsed in ; their collections should have been remitted to the national government. They did not do this, and in fact even took advantage of their positions: Yet they had the audacity to award themselves midnight bonuses, when they had already drowned their agencies in debt.

To end the wang-wang culture in government, we employed zero-based budgeting to review programs. For this year and the last, zero-based budgeting has allowed us to end many wasteful programs.

For example, we uncovered and stopped an ill-advised plan to dredge Laguna Lake. We would have borrowed We also uncovered a food-for-school program with no proper targeting of beneficiaries, and other initiatives that were funded without apparent results.

All of these were discontinued, and the funds rechanneled to more effective programs.See more of Pnoy SONA on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Pnoy SONA on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III SONA State Of The Nation Address As stated in Article VII, Section 23 of the Philippines Constitution: The President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session.

President Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino III SONA State Of The Nation Address As stated in Article VII, Section 23 of the Philippines Constitution: The President shall address the Congress at the opening of its regular session.

Jul 24,  · Bago ihayag ni Pangulong Aquino ang State of the Nation Address sa July 25, hapon, silipin ang proseso na pinagdaanan ng kaniyang mga talumpati.

Bakit gusto nyo si pinoy magdeliver nmg kanyang sona na maraming mga flowers katulad nina Ramos, Arroyo na puros lang mga pangako ngunit napako ang bayan sa krus. Tama ang sona ni pnoy, simple ngunit nasa reality.

Jul 23,  · State of the Nation is a nightly newscast anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. It airs Mondays to Fridays at PM (PHL .

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