The difference between a club and a gang

Why the control over new clubs Why does the Dominant club control who wears back patches? They tend to gravitate together and form groups, gangs They can present a real problem in a society such as ours where intervention by law enforcement is an "after the fact" event. There is really nothing of an effective preventive nature that the cops can do about such things

The difference between a club and a gang

The Alliance Written by Pablo Hits: When the general public sees a group of motorcycle riders wearing matching patches on the back of a vest, what do they think?

People sometimes cringe when they see us because they fear the very things we will not do. Thanks to those who resemble us. Things like structure, function, and philosophy, all reflected in the behaviors of the members, are where the true differences can be found. Does your club act territorial or confrontational with other clubs?

Do your members display profanity, vulgarity or anti-social messages on their cuts, bikes, websites, etc.? Does your club or members frequent places where the outlaws go or hang out? Do you act like you are part of their world? Do you promote the image of intimidation?

The Rule of Law refers to the underlying social contract where people agree to abide by laws which are passed and implemented for the good of all. We agree to give up a certain amount of absolute freedom in exchange for some measure of security.

For example, most acts of violence are outlawed to protect the weak and innocent. In an imperfect system of government, we elect people to make laws and have people who are sworn to enforce these laws.

We have a system of punishment and accountability. Certain rights are guaranteed to ALL. The overall goal is peaceful co-existence of people in a diverse society. A law abiding motorcycle club recognizes this order of society and accepts it as their own.

All other codes of conduct regulating behavior are secondary to the rule of law. These codes were meant set out the best practices of men of high integrity at a time when ethics was a fleeting concept and the law of the jungle was more common. Codes of Conduct observed by these clubs vary widely from high integrity to deeply depraved.

Very often the stated code of conduct looks nothing like the actual behaviors exhibited by some club members. Sometimes it is just about simple dominance and control.

The rule of law gives them all the right they need to form a club, choose membership, wear patches, display a State name, and ride the roads as they see fit. The Motorcycle is obviously the center of it all. But every biker agrees that it is a way of life.

The mode and style of dress is based on leather and denim which are practical choices to say the least. The choice of body art including tattoos are forms of individual expression and as diverse as the people who wear them. Individualism is the whole point. Like minded people banding together for mutual enjoyment and common purpose is a simple and instinctive human trait.

The back patch is how this is expressed. The reasons and logic employed by different groups is where the real differences lie. The philosophy, conduct, and behaviors of these motorcycle clubs is less prominent but profoundly different.

These things cannot be seen from the perspective of the casual observer. This is evident in their behaviors. Live and Let Live.Watch video · The Difference Between Rich & Poor People In South Africa.

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The difference between a club and a gang

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The difference between a club and a gang

Watch Gang partners with watch makers all over the world to bring you new brands and styles every month. Learn more about your watch style and discover new brands you'll fall in love with. Subscribe. While by-laws differ from club to club the following are examples of common by- laws.

All members must be male and at least 18 years of age. All prospective new members much be sponsored by a . It allows for a "buffer" when there are conflicts in Club policy or disputes between States and between the States and the National Board.

Patch-holder – This is the culmination of literally years of service to the Club. In both school gangs and the Boy Scouts the members have a say in choosing the leadership but that is where the similarities are lead by the.

Much of the action in The Outsiders is driven by class conflict. Fourteen-year-old narrator Ponyboy's gang, the Greasers, hail from the economically struggling East Side, while the rival gang, the Socials, come from the wealthy West Side.

And, boy, these two groups are locked in a battle with no.

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