The last rajah ratan tata case study

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The Tata Group is usurping global existence rapidly, with ownership of organizations in almost every major international market.

The last rajah ratan tata case study

The company has embarked in a concerted effort that has seen it gain control of different industries in takeovers and buyouts. The problem in the company is that it has many conglomerates that are centrally run without any organisational structure.

The unorthodox structure of the company could hurt its profitability in the long term. Problem Statement Tata group of companies has stakes in the chemical industry, the auto industry, tea, telecommunications, and consultancy among many others.

The last rajah ratan tata case study

The group has in the past embarked in the acquisition of others including hotel chains, motor companies and the crowning jewel that was the Corus Group that was a giant steel maker.

The company now produces low cost steel in India and exports the steel to its mills in America. However, the company has not fully utilized the mills it acquired including the one in Port Talbot, Wales.

The company presently takes advantage of the boom in the Indian economy and sceptics are keen to see how the company will cope once the growth in the market slows down. Tata is currently involved in corporate social responsible initiatives.


These burden the company as it struggles to ensure that the poor population in India has access to basic services. The major question for analysts is whether this manoeuvre is sustainable in the future or whether the costs will be cut once the current chief executive has retired and when the boom in the economy slows down.

Another indicator of the problems that surround the company is the failure in some of its investments. For example, the production of a car that would have revolutionized the motor industry did not perform as anticipated and also the development of solar energy that would have assisted the various villages off the power grid did not reach its envisaged population size.

Short Term problems There are a few problems that face the company in the short term. The underutilization of some of its assets including the steel mill in Port Talbot, Wales The identification of a suitable successor The underutilization of the vast resources including labour and raw materials in the country.

The lack of marketing initiatives for the marketable brands. Reluctance to open up new markets in developing economies as well as the lucrative markets in the West. Long Term problems There are problems that have dogged the company for many years and need addressing.

The reduction in the number of products that the company produces and which are not performing as to the envisaged standards. The lack of an organisational structure that can aid the company in management in the future The presence of business entities that are not profitable and add the least value to the Tata brand and range of products and services.

Analysis Every successful business has a source of inspiration. For the Tata group of companies, the inspiration is the chief executive. Ratan Tata has driven the business from a modest one into one of the most reputable companies in and outside India.

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The decisions that he has taken in his 16 years at the helm of the company have had the most impact in the last five years. All the executives in the company despite having their own contributions to the success of the company concede that Mr. Tata has been the brainchild behind the success that the company now enjoys.

Therefore, at 70 years of age, the fact that the chief executive has not named a successor is disheartening to some. This is evidenced by the Indica project that was aimed at the production of motor vehicles that are inexpensive.Free Essays on The Last Rajah Ratan Tata Case Study for students.

Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Aug 12,  · The Last Rajah. India's Ratan Tata Ratan could even be the last Tata to oversee the group. we were a good study in demise," recalls Muthuraman. BUS C Case Analysis - The Last Rajah (Latest) - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

said Ratan Naval Tata (Ratan), Case Study Pack. Aviation; Ethical Leadership: Ratan Tata and India's Tata Group. Brief Integrative Case 2. The Last Rajah: Ratan Tata and Tata's Global Expansion Among Asia's business titans, Ratan N.

The last rajah ratan tata case study

Tata stands out for his modesty.5/5(2). OUTLINE FOR CASE ANALYSIS AND REPORTS Case study: Focus on TATA MOTOR DIVISION Source Problems: ( words) This is a general %(1).

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